If you are serious about growing your online business then you need good information to help you make decisions about where to invest your energy and resources. Google Analytics is one valuable source of this inform

Google Analytics has two different sets of e-commerce reports. The standard reports which only provide basic e-commerce information and enhanced e-commerce which provides a richer set of data. It takes more work to set up the enhanced e-commerce reports but the results are worth it.

The enhanced e-commerce reports provide a much richer and detailed source of data that helps you to understand more about:

  • Which products are being viewed, added to cart and sold.
  • The results of your efforts to promote these products on your own website using promotional tiles and other offers.
  • Coupon code redemptions and
  • The effectiveness of your checkout process.

The key differences at a glance:

  Standard E-commerceEnhanced E-commerce
Transactions & revenue tracking YY
Products/SKUs soldYY
Product attributes (brand, colour, etc) NY
Product categories BasicBasic
Days and sessions to purchase YY
Transaction refunds NN
Product views NN
Product add to / remove from cart events NN
Track checkout steps Y (Using goal funnels) Y
Create audience remarketing lists for abandoned carts NY
Checkout options N Y
Track on-site promotional tiles and offers NY
Track coupon code redemption NY
Affiliate tracking NY