The Foundations for Insight

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The Foundations for Insight

The Foundations for Insight is the methodology we developed to underpin everything we do and deliver for our clients. 

We start by building solid foundations, apply our knowledge and expertise to generate insights, which helps our clients take action and ultimately drive business growth. 

Your roadmap to success. 

We’re experts in helping our clients create the best plans for their analytics, marketing and business. We unlock the potential of your data and advise you how best to use it. 

To facilitate the strategic process, we:

  • Conduct needs assessments
  • Hold Stakeholder workshops
  • Produce a comprehensive Measurement Strategy

Good data alone doesn’t deliver success. 

Careful configuration is required to capture the right data at the right time in the right format in order to realise the vision of your strategy. 

We partner with our clients to create robust implementation plans, supported by documentation, training, execution, consulting & technical support services.

Great Data = Great decisions

The quality of your data impacts the quality of your marketing. We not only ensure your data quality is maintained; we can also provide:

  • Regular health checks
  • Compliance and governance audits
  • Campaign Pre-Launch Checks
  • Error Monitoring services

Skills growth drives profit and performance.

We partner with our client’s teams throughout our engagement period and beyond. We’re there to not only provide operational support services, but to teach and upskill our partners so they can continue to deliver results in future.  

Panalysis can provide:

  • Analytics & Reporting services
  • Optimisation & Testing services
  • Training & Coaching programs
  • Inhouse or on-site Consultants

Foundations Of Insights
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