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Marketers today know they must track and report on the effectiveness of their activities. Budgets are tighter, time frames are shorter and channel options almost overwhelming. Add to that the number of different campaigns you’ve got running. It can all become one large mess and incorrect assumptions made if you don’t have an organised and accurate campaign tracking system. Make sure you’re reporting using accurate data and making the right marketing decisions.

Core Competencies

We’ve been working with marketers for years. Setting up structured marketing campaign tagging and reporting solutions is what we do best.

We can create a single, accurate view of how your campaigns are working, or what’s not and why. We can also link your campaign data directly to your sales or CRM data to get a complete end to end understanding of how your customers are converting – even if conversions are managed through third party or offline systems.

We can help you with

  • Setting up a structured marketing campaign tagging solution
  • Tracking and reporting for online to online and offline to online interactions
  • Selecting the right marketing attribution model for your business
  • AdWords integration and auto tagging
  • Referral programs and linking social media marketing insights
  • Setting up marketing dashboards and custom reports
  • Workshop-based analytics training for your marketing team

For a detailed list of the work that we have done to help our clients succeed, please see our case studies and customer highlights.

We also have a list of helpful guides and resources to help you get more from your analytics.

Common Marketing Analytics Challenges

Today’s complex technology landscape has created numerous challenges for marketers. Here are some of the challenges we’ve found solutions to, and can assist you in overcoming.

  • Tracking offline interactions via Google Analytics
  • Cross device tracking to better understand user behaviour
  • Linking marketing activities and conversions across third party systems
  • Tracking engagement across multiple domains

Each month we’ll check in with you to ensure you have the support needed to access and accurately manage and interpret the data.

Find out more about how we can help you structure and manage your marketing campaigns.

Training & Support

Our services include training, coaching, consulting and support services to ensure that your team gets the greatest benefit from its investment in analytics.

Find out more about our workshops.

Our Credentials

Panalysis is Australia’s longest serving and Google Analytics Certified Partner and is one of a select few 360 Partners, authorised to resell Google Analytics 360.

As authorised resellers, we can help you work out whether Google Analytics 360 is right for your organisation.


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