How confident are you in your marketing analytics reports?

To get the most value from Google Analytics you need to take a structured and planned approach to tracking and assessing your campaigns. For most marketers this may be easier said than done. The challenges are many – multiple team members administering campaigns, inconsistent tagging approaches, and complex and often overlapping communication activities. Is it time to review your marketing analytics set-up and management practices?

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What’s involved in a Marketing Analytics Assessment?

A Panalysis marketing analytics expert will conduct a thorough review of your Google Analytics Campaign Tracking set up. They will specifically focus on:

  • Campaign tagging practices (use of default and custom tags)
  • Custom Tag naming conventions
  • E-commerce goal and event tracking
  • Adwords and/or DoubleClick integration, tracking and groupings
  • Social media marketing tracking
  • Email marketing tracking
  • Affiliate and referrer tracking
  • On-site campaign tracking and reporting
  • Channel and content groupings
  • Audience segmentations
  • Attribution model configurations which could be generating misleading reports
  • Common tracking set up mistakes

What will you get from a Marketing Analytics Assessment?

  • A custom report outlining how effective your set up, reports and tagging approaches are
  • Recommendations on how you can improve your campaign tracking and reporting accuracy
  • A documented Campaign Tracking Guide for your team to use for future campaigns
  • A training session with one of Panalysis Marketing Analytics experts