Need to know the impact ITP 2.1 will have on your digital marketing & analytics?

The latest update to Apple’s Safari Browser has big consequences to your tracking and marketing. With built in Intelligent Prevention Tracking (ITP 2.1), the technology actively prevents analytics tools, including Google Analytics, from tracking users for longer than 7 days.

For companies whose users do not return to their  website within this short time period, remarketing efforts and user insights overtime will be negatively impacted.

Panalysis can help assess the potential impact to your analytics

A Panalysis marketing analytics expert will conduct a review of your Analytics to estimate the potential maximum impact that this change is likely to have on your Google Analytics reports.

You will receive:

  • A custom report outlining the estimated changes to your users, new users, sessions per user and other core metrics relevant to your organisation
  • Recommendations on how you you minimise the impact of ITP