Google Marketing Platform is a unified advertising and analytics platform for smarter marketing and better results. As a Certified Google Marketing Platform Partner, we are authorised to resell Google Analytics 360 in Australia. Our services include technical implementation, strategic consulting through to training.

Why GA360?

Google, in conjunction with partners such as Panalysis, is addressing the growing need for enterprise-wide scalability of analytics, as well as the requirements of heavy digital advertisers and buyers, through its Google Analytics 360 solution (formerly known as Google Analytics Premium).

We can teach you to use these powerful tools to optimise media spending, and help you build a culture that is more responsive to data insights throughout your organisation.

Enterprise-level Solution

Building on the original Google Analytics, Google Analytics 360 now provides enterprise-level data to share with your entire team. Data can be shared in real time with colleagues, from marketing and operations managers, through to the CMO and other executives.

More data, better data, raw data and custom variables allow you to perform deeper analysis and modelling. 360 produces better accuracy and scalability when traditional Google Analytics thresholds are exceeded. And as you would expect from a premium version, Google provides expert support with service level agreements.

Media and Advertising

All media is going digital. This has had a huge effect on the advertising industry and heavy users and buyers of media.

The market has responded by becoming more competitive with buyers purchasing advertisements one impression at a time. Competition is based on who gets the best price and the best position in a timely manner. This has created a greater need for granularity, as data which up until now has been aggregated into reports cannot be further analysed. Google Analytics 360 can provide this.

360 helps you make the best decisions about campaign strategy and spending. When you spend millions of dollars on advertising, you need to get it right.

Attribution Modelling

All advertisers need to know the relative success of advertising channels, but it’s more imperative if you are spending millions every year. As new advertising options open up, you need to be able to judge the consequences or opportunity costs of your spending, and find the optimal mix that provides the best way to use your funds. With 360 you can use data mining techniques to build attribution models that will help you answer these questions.

Big Query

In Australia and New Zealand, Google Analytics 360 is sold via a select number of Google Analytics Partners.

Panalysis is the only Partner who can provide you with a full suite of services well beyond the basics of technical support, for the same annual fee.

When you select Panalysis as your partner, we will take you through our full process of designing and implementing a measurement framework, assist you with its implementation, and provide training and ongoing support on how to use the framework to get the most out of your 360 investment.

Our clients get all of the service level that Google requires the certified partners to provide, and also benefit from the in-depth support and assistance that Panalysis has developed over a decade of helping our customers to succeed.

How Much Does it Cost?

The price for Google Analytics 360 starts at $150,000 USD per annum. This price applies to almost all companies using this service and it increases if you have more than 500 million server requests per month.