Domo Business Optimisation

Domo Business Optimisation

Panalysis is committed to helping clients make better business decisions. As a Certified Domo Channel Partner, we can deliver additional value to our clients with the world’s best business optimisation platform.

What is Domo?

Domo is an award winning platform which helps organisations connect, prepare, visualise, engage and  optimise all of their data, in one place. It’s not just a business intelligence platform, or a dashboarding tool, and it goes beyond visualisation of data.

It’s a single platform to run your entire business, to easily connect data and people to make faster and smarter decisions.

Domo offers you:

  • A single solution for all of your business data and decision making.
  • Rapid set up, cleaner data and faster insights
  • Hundreds of prebuilt connector apps to streamline your existing data sources into one centralised platform
  • Visuals to help you sell your data story
  • Business collaboration within the tool and saves your commentary
  • A seamless mobile experience so you can access and interact with your business data on the run
  • Intuitive notifications via email or text if your key metrics are underperforming, in real time

Make Better Business Decisions

Fusing our expertise with Domo, we will help you make better business decisions. 

If you are interested in a platform which brings your people and the data they rely on together in one place, contact Panalysis to arrange a demonstration.