If you’ve ever lost an entire day or even week trying to pull reports together or to investigate something that’s just not making sense (which you know shouldn’t be taking that long) there are probably a few reasons why: you’ve got inaccurate data, you don’t understand the system or data you’re looking at, or you’ve become distracted by ‘that’s-interesting’ data. You want to get in, get what you need and get out fast.

Core Competencies

We work with our clients everyday to put in place measurement frameworks, data management strategies and monitoring solutions that help track-and-extract with purpose. Knowing what data you need to collect and protect, then how to use it in day to day decision making is critical.

We can help you to

  • Develop a data management strategy that keeps you focused on what matters most – and keeps your business and data safe
  • Develop a measurement framework which links your marketing reports directly to business goals
  • Set up monitoring solutions that ensure workflows are functioning correctly
  • Set up tag management solutions which will increase data accuracy and time to implement changes
  • Set up data validation processes that ensures data quality

For a detailed list of the work that we have done to help our clients succeed, please see our case studies and customer highlights.

We also have a list of helpful guides and resources to help you get more from your analytics.

Common Data Management Challenges

It’s now business critical to protect the data you collect and to use it wisely. Here are some of the challenges we’ve found solutions to and can assist you with.

  • Inaccurate, bot polluted, duplicated or lost data.
  • Overcoming and understanding data sampling issues.
  • Configuring data collection rules in accordance with the Australian Privacy laws.
  • Lost tracking and data due to code conflicts released during code updates

Each month we’ll check in with your team to ensure they have the support needed to access and accurately manage and interpret the data.

Find out more about managing your web analytics and marketing data.

Training & Support

Our services include training, coaching, consulting and support services to ensure that your team gets the greatest benefit from its investment in analytics.

Find out more about our workshops.

Our Credentials

Panalysis is Australia’s longest serving and Google Analytics Certified Partner and is one of a select few 360 Partners, authorised to resell Google Analytics 360.

As authorised resellers, we can help you work out whether Google Analytics 360 is right for your organisation.

We’ve also partnered with DataTrue so that you can be sure the data you are relying on is accurate and up-to-date each time you make a change.

DataTrue is an international leader in delivering enterprise-grade assurance for the tags that track website activity. The deployment management, auditing and proactive monitoring help web managers to manage their tag operations and validate the quality of the data you collect. Find out more about how DataTrue can help you.


Ask us how. Analytics is what we know, and all we do.

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