How are we going today, are we on target this week, where are we at in the bigger picture?  These are the basic questions asked of reports daily. However, if reports are not set up for easy access to this information, or even worse present inaccurate or incomplete data we risk making decisions based on inaccurate analysis or misleading data.

Core Competencies

There are numerous advantages of being a Google Analytics specialist. The greatest is in knowing what contributes to inaccurate, incomplete or misleading reports. Time and time again we’ve seen basic configuration decisions made during set up have adverse flow-on effects in reports. The good news is there are known solutions, which are relatively easy to rectify.

We can help you

  • Set up dashboards and create custom reports avoiding common pitfalls
  • Document and train teams to extract and interpret data accurately
  • Set up eCommerce goal and conversion funnel reports including monetary value assignments
  • Developing custom reports for understanding different audience segments
  • Planning, testing and optimising new web feature releases
  • Data visualisation, insight presentation skills, analytics coaching and mentoring

For a detailed list of the work that we have done to help our clients succeed, please see our case studies and customer highlights.

We also have a list of helpful guides and resources to help you get more from your analytics.

Common Reporting Challenges

Today’s complex technology landscape has created numerous challenges for marketers. Here are some of the challenges we’ve found solutions to and can assist you with.

  • Filtering internal or unwanted activity out of reports
  • Automating reports
  • Integrating data from third party systems
  • Reporting based on default settings which skew results
  • Understanding the complexities of different reporting formats.

Each month we’ll check in with your team to ensure they have the support needed to access and accurately manage and interpret the data.

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Training & Support

Our services include training, coaching, consulting and support services to ensure that your team gets the greatest benefit from its investment in analytics.

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Our Credentials

Panalysis is Australia’s longest serving and Google Analytics Certified Partner and is one of a select few 360 Partners, authorised to resell Google Analytics 360.

As authorised resellers, we can help you work out whether Google Analytics 360 is right for your organisation.


Ask us how. Analytics is what we know, and all we do.

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