Panalysis is Australia’s oldest and longest serving Google Analytics Certified Partner and is one of a select few 360 Partners, authorised to resell Google Analytics 360.

Since 2001 we have been providing strategic measurement and insights to clients to improve online and marketing performance. We specialise in retail analytics for medium to large organisations, but also have extensive experience serving our finance and government sector clients. If you need help with setting up, reviewing or upgrading your analytics services ask us for a free consultation.

Web, Mobile and E-Commerce 

Talk to us about:

  • Setting-up and customising analytics for your website
  • E-Commerce analytics configuration
  • Integrating analytics into your mobile apps
  • Advanced analytics configuration
  • Cross domain configuration for linking multiple websites
  • Workshop-based analytics training

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Ask us to connect your web analytics data
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Custom Reports, Dashboards & Data Visualisation

Talk to us about:

  • Setting up dashboards and creating custom reports
  • eCommerce goal and conversion funnel reports
  • Custom reports for different audience segments
  • Planning, testing and optimising new web features
  • Data visualisation, insight presentation skills, analytics coaching and mentoring

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Marketing Campaign Analytics

Talk to us about:

  • Setting up a structured marketing campaign tagging solution
  • Selecting and setting up the right marketing attribution model for your business
  • AdWords integration and auto tagging
  • Referral programs and linking social media marketing insights
  • Setting up marketing dashboards and custom reports

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Data Strategy, Governance and Monitoring

Talk to us about:

  • Data Strategy & Governance Planning
  • Measurement Planning
  • Data Monitoring Tag Management
  • Data Testing & Quality Assurance Validation

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Data Management and Analytics Training

Talk to us about:

  • In-House workshop based analytics training
  • Optimisation planning
  • Executive-level analytics coaching and mentoring

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Workshops can be run at your premises, at our offices in North Sydney or as a series of webinars. If required, Panalysis can organise external training facilities via Saxons, Cliftons or an alternative provider. Contact us if you want to talk about your team’s needs.

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Domo Business Optimisation

Talk to us about:

  • Making faster, smarter business decisions across your organisation
  • The benefits of Domo for your business decisions makers
  • A Domo demonstration

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Ask us how. Analytics is what we know, and all we do.

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