Core Competencies

Panalysis has well over a decade of experience in digital analytics. Our core areas of expertise and competency include:

  • Web and mobile analytics
  • Marketing analytics
  • E-Commerce analytics
  • Development of marketing metrics and dashboards
  • Advanced data integrations including online to offline and third party data
  • Development and implementation of reporting and measurement frameworks
  • Attribution modelling

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Google Analytics Certified Partner

Panalysis is Australia’s oldest and longest serving Google Analytics Certified Partner.

We have been working with Google Analytics since the beginning and know this service inside and out.

We are also a Google Analytics Premium Partner. As authorised resellers, we can help you work out whether Google Analytics Premium is right for your organisation.

Advanced Analytics Implementations

If you need to integrate different data into Google Analytics or have an unusual reporting requirement we can help.

Panalysis have successfully implemented a wide range of advanced implementations of Google Analytics including CRM integration to track offline sales to online campaigns, integrating point of sale loyalty programs and advanced E-Commerce tracking.

Now that Google Analytics has launched the measurement protocol virtually anything can be measured, analysed and reported via Google Analytics.

Outsourced Analytics Team

Web analytics and marketing analytics are areas that require a unique combination of technical skills, marketing prowess and business acumen. Finding people with all of these skills for your team  is very difficult, and competition for such candidates is fierce.

More importantly, to be effective your organisation needs to have an analytics team rather than an analytics person. You are unlikely to find all the skills and talents you need in just one individual.

At Panalysis, we have a team of dedicated, talented and skilled individuals. We can provide your organisation with its own analytics team at a fraction of the cost to recruit and employ them yourself.

As we work with numerous clients across many different business models, your organisation will also benefit from our very broad experience. We bring our wisdom, acquired over many years, to your organisation.

Your Analytics Coach and Expert

If you have talented people on your team who can benefit from a deeper understanding of web analytics and marketing analytics, Panalysis can help.

Just being trained in Google Analytics, or some other tool, won’t make anyone a good analyst. We can help give your team the skills to make good decisions and to gain deeper insights into your marketing.

Such skills include:

  • critical thinking,
  • understanding of the underlying principles of web and marketing analytics,
  • information design,
  • statistical literacy, and
  • strategies to effectively communicate findings and influence outcomes.

Panalysis can coach and mentor your team, helping them grow their own skills in analytics and making them more effective.

Digital Measurement Frameworks

How do you get senior management and top level executives to take analytics seriously?

This is a key challenge for most marketing professionals.Many factors work against you, including:

  • inconsistent approaches,
  • inconsistent and/or esoteric terminology and jargon,
  • unclear relationships between what is reported and the bottom line, and
  • inability to repeat processes.

A digital measurement framework is the first step to reducing these effects and gaining executive level buy-in.

Panalysis can develop frameworks that clarify what you are reporting on, why you are doing it, who is responsible and what to do when things change.

Find out more about why your organisation needs a digital measurement framework to be truly successful using analytics.

Processes and Accountability

Many of our clients over the years have struggled with issues that can be easily solved with documented processes and structures of accountability.

Even simple jobs like measuring the results of an email campaign can be made difficult and complex by inconsistent terminology and even capitalisation. As a result, comparable stats are not compared easily, and decision-making becomes impossible.

More importantly, it is rare for organisations to document the expected outcome for each campaign, website change or other digital initiative. That creates a lot of “wiggle room” in assessing the results, but may prevent the organisation from achieving its targets.

Panalysis can help you identify where you need to develop processes and how to implement approaches that keep everyone accountable, without feeling undue pressure.