How confident are you in your analytics tracking and reports?

If you’ve been using Google Analytics for a while now, but haven’t reviewed or updated your settings recently you could be missing out on new features, or even worse not tracking new functionality.

In April 2014 Google Analytics released into mainstream Google Analytics Universal, and have since continued to add new features such as Google Analytics Optimise and Enhanced E-commerce.  Migration from the standard to Universal version did not happen automatically so you may still be using the original Google Analytics set up.

At Panalysis we use an extensive process-driven methodology to review how your Google Analytics implementation is working for you, look at whether you should switch to Universal, and assess which new features you could be using.

Request an Assessment

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What’s involved in a Google Analytics Assessment?

A Panalysis Google Analytics expert will conduct a thorough review of your Google Analytics set up and configuration settings. They will review your website taking into consideration the purpose of your site and industry. Areas covered include:

  • Account set up (Classic, Universal or 360)
  • Site tagging including Google Tag Manager integrations
  • Enhanced E-commerce integrations (if relevant)
  • Goal and Event tracking, including revenue attribution
  • Filters, Audience Segmentation and View set up
  • Data duplication or missing data
  • Cross domain tracking, including third party connections
  • Script conflict checks
  • Spam and bot blocking checks
  • Common tracking set up mistakes

What will you get from a Google Analytics Assessment?

  • A custom report outlining how effective your set-up and configurations are
  • Recommendations on how you can improve your site tracking, reporting accuracy and feature utilisation
  • A training session with one of Panalysis Google Analytics experts