Tag Manager Plus – Part 4: Testing & Go Live


With Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and the Tag Manager Plus Magento extension all set up, it is time to test that the tags are firing as expected and then go live.

Testing Tags Using Google Tag Manager’s Preview Mode

  1. Log back into Google Tag Manager https://tagmanager.google.com
  2. Click on your container to view the workspace.
  3. Click “Preview” in the top-right corner
  4. Open your web store in a new tab of the same browser window.
  5. When your web store loads, you will see a lower pane with the Google Tag Manager tag summary. You should see these tags have fired (Internal Promotion Impression will only fire if you have internal promotion banners on the homepage)
  6. If you have an internal promotion banner, click it. You should see this tag briefly before the page reloads:
  7. Navigate to a category page. You should see the following tags fire:
  8. Click on a product. You should see this tag appear briefly before the product page loads:
  9. Add the product to your cart. After the page reloads you will see these two tags have fired:
  10. Go to the cart. You should see these tags have fired:
  11. Remove the item from your cart. You should see these tags have fired:
  12. Add an item into your cart & view the cart. Proceed to the checkout. You will see these 2 Checkout tags have fired:
  13. Continue through the checkout steps. This tag should increment by one at each step:
  14. Complete the checkout process. When on the “thank you” page, you can check the transaction values in the data layer. Click Data Layer and scroll down to see the e-commerce data:
  15. In Google Tag Manager, click on “Leave Preview Mode”

Disable Magento’s Native Google Analytics Tracking

If you have been using Magento’s native Google Analytics tracking feature (or Google Analytics tracking using another extension), this must be disabled now or your Google Analytics data will be duplicated and the metrics will be skewed.

If you are unsure, follow this process to check and disable Magento’s native Google Analytics tracking, or check any other extensions which might have it enabled.

  1. Log into your Magento Admin Panel
  2. Navigate to System > Google API which is under Sales in the left navigation
  3. Change Enable to “No”

Publish Google Tag Manager Workspace

Publish the Google Tag Manager Container by clicking the blue “Submit” in the top right corner of the Google Tag Manager screen.

Your Enhanced Ecommerce tracking is now live.

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