Google Tag Manager Plus Magento Extension

Set up Google Analytics Enhanced E-Commerce quickly and painlessly with this Google Tag Manager extension for Magento.

The extension automatically includes the common data layer calls that you need for add to cart, remove from cart, checkout steps and many other functions.

The extension also adds Facebook OpenGraph meta tags with your product details, Twitter cards, Pinterest validation and Optimizely tags into a single package.

Current Enhanced Ecommerce Features:

  • Product listings
  • Internal promotions
  • Product detail page impressions
  • Transaction tracking
  • Add to cart (including Ajax support)
  • Remove from cart
  • View cart
  • Start checkout
  • Checkout steps
  • Order promotion codes

Future releases will include:

  • Product promotion codes


Download the extension

User Manual

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Magento Google Tag Manager Plus Extension
Support can be obtained for this extension on a commercial basis from Panalysis. Please contact us for further information.