Web Analytics

Why use Google Analytics when you have a Marketing Automation platform with inbuilt analytics capability?

What’s the difference and why you should consider using both? Marketers are increasingly asking ‘Why should I use web analytics when I have [Marketo/HubSpot/Pardot/IBM Marketing Cloud]…? Don’t these do the same thing?’ The answer to the first question is yes, you should consider using both. The answer to the second question is no, they are … Continue reading "Why use Google Analytics when you have a Marketing Automation platform with inbuilt analytics capability?"

Ecommerce Analytics – A 101 on getting it right

Whether you’re starting out on the e-commerce journey or looking to expand it’s important to remember that your web, app and marketing analytics aren’t a set and forget activity. We outline the four main growth phases and outline what you should be thinking about during each of these.

How to Interpret Time on Site

Time on site it seems like an easy way to measure engagement. But is it? This article will provide you with some approaches to interpreting time on site for your website.

Reduce the bounce rate and boost the bottom line

What is a bounce rate and what can you do about it? Find out how the bounce rate can impact your bottom line and how to fix it.

Web Analytics Frameworks – Who Needs Them?

Answer: We all do. Web Analytics frameworks are critical to the successful use and implementation of analytics in your organisation.

Why being statistically correct never hurt anyone…

Thanks to the ease of and access to web analytics tools, businesses are using data insights in more and more of their decision making. The question is however, are the reports we're using and making decisions from, statistically correct? The reality is that in some cases they’re not - and here’s why.

Why Most Companies Fail to Realise the Benefits of Analytics

Companies rarely make the best use of their data. This short article outlines the key problems that most companies face when looking at analytics.

Digital Marketing

Are Your Campaigns Profitable?

Revenue is good but profit is better. Find out why Return on Ad Spend is a flawed metric and how to get to the true profit.

Search Marketing – “buy the rumour, sell the fact”

Learn how to improve your keyword performance using a simple technique from the finance sector. Find out more.


How to Calculate Actual Campaign Profit

Calculating the actual profit of your campaigns takes time, however identifying unprofitable campaigns is critical. Find out how to calculate your actual profit from your campaigns.

How to Calculate Gross Margin Percentage

The Gross Margin Percentage is a key metric that you need to use along side total revenue in your web analytics and reporting tools. Find out how to calculate this important metric.