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Onsite Consulting

Panalysis has a network of experienced analysts working with our client’s in-house teams across the country.

Our experts perform your analytics requirements alongside your existing team, ensuring that work is completed whilst educating and training your existing team members and transferring skills for future use.

We match our consultants to their clients, ensuring the most relevant skillset and experience is delivered to your marketing team. 

Onsite Consulting is perfect for Clients who: 

  • Are have little or analytics head count within their teams
  • Have high volumes of work impeding commencement, progression and completion of analytics projects
  • Are seeking out additional analytics skills, above and beyond their current capabilities
  • Have a desire to upskill existing team members, and 
  • Are committed to optimising their analytics function for their company 


All Panalysis services are available in an onsite capacity, in any location and with as much flexibility as required.

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