Google recently removed the Network Domain and Service Provider dimensions from Google Analytics reporting and have confirmed this to be permanent change, stating that they are “no longer available to report these dimensions in Google Analytics”. As a result, this data will not be available in the future.


If your company is using these dimensions in your GA account, chances are you will no longer be able to easily and readily:

  • Remove internal company traffic from views, ad campaigns and reports, resulting in ‘Internal traffic view’ results of zero, higher traffic in your main reporting view and loss of internal traffic views from live site campaign testing or content editing.
  • Manage ads and personalisation if your audiences are using these two dimensions, resulting in inflated impressions or lower click rates and conversions.
  • Filter out spam and bot traffic from your report, resulting in inflated traffic.
  • Split tests in Optimize where the targeting criteria is controlled by either of these two dimensions, resulting in invalid experiments.


As a first step, we recommend:

  • Reviewing your filters and/or audiences for any dependencies on these two dimensions
  • Recreating your filters and/or audiences based on IP addresses
  • Implementing a tool to replace this functionality – replicating the previous functionality by populating it into two new custom dimensions
  • Collecting (encrypted) IP addresses into Google Analytics

We know these changes can be frustrating and difficult to keep up with.

The Panalysis Team is here to help in your understanding of, and solutions for, your company to help you minimise the impact of these changes.

Please contact us if you need our assistance.