Google recently released an update to the Chrome browser, called Chrome 80. This update could potentially impact business processes of advertising technologies.


Your company could be adversely affected if your advertising is reliant on 3rdparty vendors using 3rdparty cookies for conversion tracking, frequency capping and audience creation and targeting.


  • There are no current recommended alternative fixes to the changes in the browser behaviour
  • Google Analytics will not be impacted as it is a 1st party cookie-based service
  • Each vendor/advertiser will start to implement their own fixes over time
  • This issue is a reflection of broader changes in the analytics industry where privacy is becoming more visible such as Apple’s Intelligence Tracking Prevention system, Firefox’s privacy settings, and Chrome moving to block 3rdparty cookies.

We know these changes can be frustrating and difficult to keep up with.

The Panalysis Team is here to help in your understanding of, and solutions for, your company to help you minimise the impact of these changes.

Please contact us if you need our assistance.