CHEAT SHEET: Apple Analytics vs Google Analytics App Measures

Rod Jacka - Monday, February, 19, 2018

Have you assumed that Apple Analytics and Google Analytics provide very similar app measures? Unaware of some key differences between the two analytics platforms?

We’ve compiled a helpful cheat sheet for you, providing a side by side comparison to aid your understanding and maximise your app measures.

App DownloadsApp Units are the number of first-time app downloads made on the App Store (from iOS 8 onwards).  Updates and redownloads onto other devices are not included in this numberNew Users is the number of first launches, or the number of sessions in which the app is first opened on a device, it excludes users who have opened the app previously during the selected period
CampaignsThe attribution window for campaigns is 24 hours.  If a customer downloads your app for the first time within 24 hours of using your campaign link, you will see this counted as an App Unit (app download).  Attribution goes to last click, so if the user clicks on more than one campaign link, only the most recently clicked on will be attributed to the App Unit.  These settings are not adjustableThe attribution window for first-open is 30 days.  The attribution window for any subsequent in-app conversions is 180 days.  These settings are not adjustable
ImpressionsThe number of times your app was viewed in the Featured, Categories, Top Charts, and Search sections of the App Store. Includes Product Page ViewsImpression data is not available in Google Analytics.  However, in the Play Store, you will be able to see Play Store (Organic) who are the unique users who visited your app’s store listing by browsing or searching on the Play Store app
RetentionRetention is the usage of your app over time. The number of devices still active with at least one session on a date during the retention periodThe retention cohort report describes a set of users (a cohort) who started using your app at the same time (such as on the same day, or during the same week). This report illustrates how well the app retains users
SessionsSessions are counted when the app has been used for at least two seconds. If the app is in the background and is later used again, that counts as another session. Totals are based on app users who agree to share their data with you.  There is no current documentation on the length of a session as is available in GASessions are counted when the user is actively engaged with the app.  Google Analytics groups hits (page views and events) that are received within 30 minutes of one another into the same session
SourcesCurrently, there are 4 different types of sources that are recorded in Apple Analytics.  These are App Referrer, App Store Browse, App Store Search and Web ReferrerThis is not measured by default, it requires tracking to be added to the url under utm_source.  The source in GA describes where the user arrived from (website name, social network name, email list name etc.)

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