9 Benefits of Marketing Automation for Your B2B Company

By Bridgette Hernandez Today, B2B companies try to automate each and every business process and for a good reason. The more processes are automated, the more time and money an enterprise can save. If you are planning to start using a marketing automation platform to boost your efforts, you are heading in the right direction. … Continue reading "9 Benefits of Marketing Automation for Your B2B Company"
Angela Conn - Thursday, August, 01, 2019

How Digital Marketing Is Being Transformed By Data Adoption

Traditional offline marketing has always had an element of gut instinct driving it: marketers coming up with ideas and implementing them without getting to meaningfully assess the results — a campaign may seem successful, but is it better than an alternative would have been? Digital marketing, though, is a different beast. Tagged and tracked to … Continue reading "How Digital Marketing Is Being Transformed By Data Adoption"
Angela Conn - Monday, July, 08, 2019

New Domo Feature: Dashboards

Domo has recently released new Dashboarding functionality within their platform. This is a shift away from the Page – Collection – Card way of organising visualisations, towards the more typical organisation people expect from the term dashboard. This move allows Domo to emulate much more closely what people have been building in Tableau, PowerBI and … Continue reading "New Domo Feature: Dashboards"
Marquin Smith - Tuesday, April, 30, 2019

Top Tips for future-proofing data within Domo

Domo is a powerful enterprise level visualization tool. Domo differs from many other players in the field in that they incorporate data collection, storage and transformation into a single platform. For a plethora of data sources, you can simply arm Domo with your credentials and Domo does the work of authenticating and pulling the data … Continue reading "Top Tips for future-proofing data within Domo"
Marquin Smith - Wednesday, April, 24, 2019

ITP 2.1 What it Means to Your Digital Marketing and Analytics 

Unless you are deeply engaged in digital marketing or analytics it is unlikely that you would have heard about ITP 2.1 The acronym ITP stands for Intelligent Tracking Prevention and it is built into the latest versions Apple’s Safari browser and the latest update has big consequences to your tracking and marketing. This technology actively … Continue reading "ITP 2.1 What it Means to Your Digital Marketing and Analytics "
Rod Jacka - Tuesday, April, 02, 2019

Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Analysis using Power BI

A common question that businesses ask themselves is “Which of my customers are the most valuable?”. While this is a simple question, there are ways of answering this which can prove to be quite complicated. For example, how does the business define “valuable”? This could be customers who spend the most in total, or customers … Continue reading "Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Analysis using Power BI"
Marquin Smith - Friday, March, 29, 2019

How Big Data Affects SEO Strategy

By Amanda Peterson, Enlightened Digital Big data has a major influence on the way the world operates. For many businesses, big data has become a crucial technological tool, granting those who utilize it, access to patterns, trends and data-driven insights. Such a wide scope of data can be extremely useful across a range of industries, … Continue reading "How Big Data Affects SEO Strategy"
Angela Conn - Monday, December, 17, 2018

Is the channel ready for Big Data?

Check out MD Rod Jacka’s opinion as he weighs in on the subject in CRN Magazines August 2018 feature. When the concept of big data first burst onto the scene earlier this decade the focus was largely on the very big problems that very big organisations could tackle using very, very, big data sets. Over … Continue reading "Is the channel ready for Big Data?"
Rod Jacka - Monday, August, 27, 2018

Domo Partnership

Panalysis Domo Partnership Panalysis is committed to helping clients make better business decisions. As a Certified Domo Channel Partner, we are able to deliver additional value with the world’s best business optimisation platform. Domo’s mission is to be the operating system for business, digitally connecting all your people, your data and your systems, empowering them … Continue reading "Domo Partnership"
Angela Conn - Monday, August, 13, 2018

Introducing Google Marketing Platform

Since the introduction of DoubleClick in 1996, changes in technology have meant changes for digital marketers. With more channels, formats and data and an increase in consumer awareness around how they are being marketed to and how their data is being used, there has been a need to provide marketers with new tolls to make … Continue reading "Introducing Google Marketing Platform"
Rod Jacka - Monday, July, 09, 2018