How Big Data Affects SEO Strategy

By Amanda Peterson, Enlightened Digital Big data has a major influence on the way the world operates. For many businesses, big data has become a crucial technological tool, granting those who utilize it, access to patterns, trends and data-driven insights. Such a wide scope of data can be extremely useful across a range of industries, … Continue reading "How Big Data Affects SEO Strategy"
Angela Conn - Monday, December, 17, 2018

Is the channel ready for Big Data?

Check out MD Rod Jacka’s opinion as he weighs in on the subject in CRN Magazines August 2018 feature. When the concept of big data first burst onto the scene earlier this decade the focus was largely on the very big problems that very big organisations could tackle using very, very, big data sets. Over … Continue reading "Is the channel ready for Big Data?"
Rod Jacka - Monday, August, 27, 2018

Domo Partnership

Panalysis Domo Partnership Panalysis is committed to helping clients make better business decisions. As a Certified Domo Channel Partner, we are able to deliver additional value with the world’s best business optimisation platform. Domo’s mission is to be the operating system for business, digitally connecting all your people, your data and your systems, empowering them … Continue reading "Domo Partnership"
Angela Conn - Monday, August, 13, 2018

Introducing Google Marketing Platform

Since the introduction of DoubleClick in 1996, changes in technology have meant changes for digital marketers. With more channels, formats and data and an increase in consumer awareness around how they are being marketed to and how their data is being used, there has been a need to provide marketers with new tolls to make … Continue reading "Introducing Google Marketing Platform"
Rod Jacka - Monday, July, 09, 2018

Symantec SSL Certificates

Executive Summary Purchase a certificate from the recommended organisation: Digicert Install new certificate files on each web server Ubuntu Server with Apache2: Create and Install SSL Certificate – DigiCert All Installation Guides – DigiCert Summary of the Situation The Chrome team no longer trust previously issued Symantec certificates, and DigiCert have been selected as the new … Continue reading "Symantec SSL Certificates"
Rod Jacka - Thursday, February, 22, 2018

CHEAT SHEET: Apple Analytics vs Google Analytics App Measures

Have you assumed that Apple Analytics and Google Analytics provide very similar app measures? Unaware of some key differences between the two analytics platforms? We’ve compiled a helpful cheat sheet for you, providing a side by side comparison to aid your understanding and maximise your app measures.
Rod Jacka - Monday, February, 19, 2018

GDPR is Coming and You Need to Pay Attention

Key Takeaways: You need to be aware of the EU GDPR Your company is potentially impacted by this even though you are located in Australia The potential fines for breaches are huge You need to think privacy first   Europe has historically been far more privacy conscious than the US, Australia and many other regions. … Continue reading "GDPR is Coming and You Need to Pay Attention"
Rod Jacka - Thursday, February, 15, 2018

Getting Started with Case Statements In Domo

My previous article ‘Introduction to Beast Mode in Domo’ provides a high level view of Beast Modes and why you would use them. The examples were basic calculations of profit and margin for the whole dataset. Things get a little more complicated where we need to return results from only some of the data. Case … Continue reading "Getting Started with Case Statements In Domo"
Damien Smith - Tuesday, January, 09, 2018

Insights, please. Actionable ones!

When you find a true insight, it can make your head spin. But, will your head spin in a different direction if the insight is found in Australia than if it is found in the United States? On this episode, Rod Jacka from Panalysis joins the crew for a balanced discussion (northern AND southern hemispheres) about how the phrase … Continue reading "Insights, please. Actionable ones!"
Rod Jacka - Monday, December, 11, 2017

Introduction to Beast Mode in Domo

This will probably be a familiar scenario: you need to create some charts based on a dataset which almost has what you need, but not quite. The fundamental data is there but you need extra columns for profit and margin but really don’t want to wait for a new extract. This is where you would … Continue reading "Introduction to Beast Mode in Domo"
Damien Smith -