Insights, please. Actionable ones!

#076: Insights, Please. Actionable Ones! With Rod Jacka.  
Rod Jacka - Monday, December, 11, 2017

Introduction to Beast Mode in Domo

This will probably be a familiar scenario: you need to create some charts based on a dataset which almost has what you need, but not quite. The fundamental data is there but you need extra columns for profit and margin but really don’t want to wait for a new extract. This is where you would … Continue reading "Introduction to Beast Mode in Domo"
Damien Smith -

Getting the Most from Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics

Why report on only the purchase values of your website, when you can track and report on every stage and interaction that leads up to it? With Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce you can do just that! Here are our top analytics management tips if you’re using Google Analytics as your primary analytics tool. Standard vs … Continue reading "Getting the Most from Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics"
Rod Jacka - Friday, November, 17, 2017

MeasureCamp Sydney

Panalysis was proud to support the Analytics community as a sponsor at MeasureCamp Sydney on Saturday 4 November. MeasureCamp is a digital analytics un-conference, focused on the exchange of ideas, problem solving and networking for those of us operating in this evolving industry. It’s free to attend and attracts a mix of analytics practitioners, conversion … Continue reading "MeasureCamp Sydney"
Rod Jacka - Thursday, November, 16, 2017

Intelligent Tracking Prevention – Safari Tagging Changes

Intelligent Tracking Prevention For digital marketers, measurement is the foundation for success. Whilst there are multiple ways to measure the performance of your online advertising, the best options rely on site-wide tagging. As you may already be aware, Apple recently introduced Intelligent Tracking Prevention, which has affected conversion measurement on Safari. Google are recommending updating … Continue reading "Intelligent Tracking Prevention – Safari Tagging Changes"
Timothy Yuen -

Google Data Studio – New features make accessing data faster and easier

In the last 6 months Google launched over 25 new features in Google Data Studio including making the product free and available globally, adding support for PostreSQL and MySQL and providing several new report option layouts. Google has announced the following additional new features to make it easier and faster for you to access your … Continue reading "Google Data Studio – New features make accessing data faster and easier"
Angela Conn - Monday, October, 09, 2017

The Value of Analytics to Better Understand Your Customers

Financial services is a highly competitive industry and this is reflected in the cost of advertising. In some cases, the keywords in Google Adwords relating to insurance and finance can be more than $100 per click to get at the top of the list. This cost continues to grow as competition in online search grows. The following … Continue reading "The Value of Analytics to Better Understand Your Customers"
Rod Jacka -

Is it a KPI?

A key problem that a number of people encounter is to determine whether a measurement should be used as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI). For a KPI to be effective it must be a good measure of the current or future status of the thing to be measured. As the adage goes, if you can’t … Continue reading "Is it a KPI?"
Angela Conn -

Google AdWords Integration with Optimise & Surveys 360

Google News – August Google recently revealed their plans to help marketers understand and better serve customers with the integration of both Optimize and Surveys 360 with Adwords. Optimize is an A/B testing and personalisation tool which makes it easy to see which changes to your web pages work best for your users and your … Continue reading "Google AdWords Integration with Optimise & Surveys 360"
Angela Conn - Wednesday, August, 16, 2017

Meet our newest Panalysis Team Member

Meet Vivien Lou – Associate Analytics Consultant How have your first few weeks been? It has been challenging and exciting so far. There has been a lot of learning! The environment is friendly and supportive. I have clear goals and guidelines to follow and have been provided with a great understanding of processes, which is critical for new … Continue reading "Meet our newest Panalysis Team Member"
Rod Jacka -