Google AdWords Integration with Optimise & Surveys 360

Google News – August Google recently revealed their plans to help marketers understand and better serve customers with the integration of both Optimize and Surveys 360 with Adwords. Optimize is an A/B testing and personalisation tool which makes it easy to see which changes to your web pages work best for your users and your … Continue reading "Google AdWords Integration with Optimise & Surveys 360"
Angela Conn - Wednesday, August, 16, 2017

Meet our newest Panalysis Team Member

Meet Vivien Lou – Associate Analytics Consultant How have your first few weeks been? It has been challenging and exciting so far. There has been a lot of learning! The environment is friendly and supportive. I have clear goals and guidelines to follow and have been provided with a great understanding of processes, which is critical for new … Continue reading "Meet our newest Panalysis Team Member"
Angela Conn -

Panalysis Web Business Insider – August Edition

In this month’s Web Business Insider we are letting you know about our team growth, IAPA Membership and the Google announcement relating to integration of Optimise and Surveys 360. Welcome to the Team This month Vivien Lou was appointed as Associate Analytics Consultant. Get to know Vivien How have your first few weeks been? It has been … Continue reading "Panalysis Web Business Insider – August Edition"
Angela Conn -

Improvements for GA User Attribution

This month, our team member Tim identified some challenges in web-based email attribution. Testing was carried out to document the uncertainty of source/medium for users clicking on your email links. From the testing process, he was able to create a list of ideas to help you establish better tracking of user behaviours through improved tracking implementation.
Timothy Yuen - Friday, July, 07, 2017

Panalysis Web Business Insider – July Edition

Google plans to make an improved AdWords experience available to all advertisers by the end of this year. They are communicating the changes as being the most powerful released in 15 years, drastically influencing the way advertisers visualise and manage AdWords campaigns.
Angela Conn -

8 Reasons Why Google Analytics Doesn’t Match Your Accounting Figures

This is a question which we’re asked often – why doesn’t Google Analytics’ revenue and transaction figures match my accounting figures? The simple answer is that Google Analytics is an analytics tool to analyse trends, not an accounting package, but there are a number of reasons why there will be a discrepancy. Define Normal First of all, … Continue reading "8 Reasons Why Google Analytics Doesn’t Match Your Accounting Figures"
Damien Smith - Thursday, July, 06, 2017

Why Data Quality in E-commerce is So Very Important

Nothing causes senior management or a business owner to distrust the numbers faster than errors in the data. Once that trust is gone it’s very difficult to win back. Whilst it is important that any user of Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce understands that the transactions that are recorded will not match your accounting system exactly, … Continue reading "Why Data Quality in E-commerce is So Very Important"
Damien Smith -

Getting Started with Enhanced E-commerce

Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce requires additional JavaScript code to be added to your website to collect the data it needs for its reports. It is strongly recommended that you use the Google Tag Manager service wherever possible to implement Google Analytics. There are many reasons for this but the main one is that it makes … Continue reading "Getting Started with Enhanced E-commerce"
Damien Smith -

Why Every Retailer Should Use Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce

If you are serious about growing your online business then you need good information to help you make decisions about where to invest your energy and resources. Google Analytics is one valuable source of this information. Google Analytics has two different sets of e-commerce reports. The standard reports which only provide basic e-commerce information and … Continue reading "Why Every Retailer Should Use Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce"
Damien Smith -

Why we use Evidence Based, not Data Driven

The adjective ‘data driven’ has become very popular in marketing circles in past years. A quick search in Wikipedia returns its definition as: The adjective data-driven means that progress in an activity is compelled by data, rather than by intuition or personal experience. It is often labeled as business jargon for what scientists call evidence-based … Continue reading "Why we use Evidence Based, not Data Driven"
Rod Jacka - Wednesday, July, 05, 2017