The Statistics Society of Australia Branch Secretary Thomas Fung, today announced the new SSA NSW Branch Council for 2017, thanking past Councillors and welcoming new Councillors Rod Jacka Managing Director, Panalysis, Jake Olivier (VP, UNSW), Boris Beranger (UNSW), Emi Tanaka, Lamiae Azizi (USYD), Mahrita Harahap (UTS) and Mark Donoghoe (Macqaurie University). Stepping down are Libo Li (UNSW), Justin Wishart (Macquarie University), Stephen Wright (UTS), Armando Teixeira-Pinto (USYD), Jarod Lee (UTS), Louise Ryan (UTS), Richard Hutchinson (Covance), with Michael Stewart (USYD) continuing as President.

Jacka is delighted to be stepping into this NSW role. “Data is critical to all businesses, and now more than ever business needs the skills of statisticians to help them make sense of data. I am very proud that the Statistics Society of Australia has provided me with the opportunity to contribute to the professional development of the statistics community in Australia”.

Jacka has been vocal about the importance of statistics for a while now. Founder and Managing Director of Panalysis, a digital analytics consultancy, Jacka has been working in the analytics business since 2001 and has watched carefully the rapid growth of easy access analytics technologies such as Urchin/Google Analytics, Hubspot and QlikView etc. Jacka’s concern is not the tools, rather that a large number of the metrics reported in to management from these systems are still simple averages –  average time on site, average pages viewed, average sales. The problem is, these values are simplified, sometimes measured only on sample data, and assume normal patterns of behaviour – and what any business, in particular e-commerce businesses are seeing, is that there is no such typical or average pattern. He cautions his staff and clients on making decisions on values that have not had the rigor of statistics applied. http://bit.ly/statscount

The NSW Branch will hold their first planning meeting in February 2017. To ensure growth and continuity they will bring together new and past Councillors for this important session.

About the Statistics Society of Australia (SSA)
The Society was founded in 1962 as a national “umbrella” organisation to support and further the work of state statistical societies already in existence, to establish a national journal and newsletter and to host national conferences. The national Society now represents Australian and overseas statisticians with state branches in six states and territories providing the focus and organisation of local activities. The overall objective of the Society is to further the study, application and good practice of statistical theory and methods in all branches of learning and enterprise. The Society is incorporated in the Australian Capital Territory (A.C.T.).  The Society is a constituent member of the Australian Mathematical Sciences Council, and through this a member of Science & Technology Australia (STA).  http://www.statsoc.org.au/