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Analytics Audit

How confident are you in your Marketing Analytics?

To get the most value from Marketing Analytics you need to ensure your google analytics data and business goals are aligned. 

This can be challenging for marketing departments to achieve. If you have too much work, too little time and/ or too few specialised resources to achieve this alignment, a Marketing Analytics Audit is a great place to start.

Investing in a Panalysis Analytics Audit will provide you with:

  • Confidence in the accuracy of your Google Analytics setup and data 
  • Assurance that your data is fit for use and purpose in relation to your reporting requirements 
  • Alignment of your Analytics practices to your business and marketing goals
  • Trust in your marketing analysis and reporting
Analytics Audit Investing
Analytics Audit Expert

Analytics Audit:

A Panalysis analytics expert will conduct a thorough, impartial and fast audit of your analytics, which includes a:

  • Website audit
  • Review of your current business and marketing goals
  • Review of your Google Analytics data and set up to assess the suitability of this data in relation to meet your goals

What’s Included:

  • A custom report outlining how effective your Google Analytics set up, data, website and goals are
  • Recommendations on how you can improve your websites performance as a result of our findings
  • Documentation to guide you through the process of optimising your websites performance based on our recommendations
  • A training session with one of Panalysis Analytics experts
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