Rod Jacka, Managing Director of Panalysis has been a leading figure in the area of data analytics from the inception of the industry. Since 2001 Panalysis has been providing strategic measurement and insights to improve online performance.

Why Experience Counts

When it comes to implementing an effective performance measurement solution few can compete with the quality and expertise of Panalysis.

Whilst configuring and using tools like Google Analytics is a skill that can be taught the successful application of these to improving business outcomes is a rare talent that few companies possess.

As one of a small handful of companies in Australia to achieve the status of being endorsed by Google as a Google Analytics Certified Partner Panalysis has already achieved a high standard. But this is really just the starting point as far as we are concerned.

For an analytics company to provide true value to its clients it must not only have the technical skills to configure and use the relevant tools but it absolutely must have:

  • A logical, structured and scientific approach to how it analyses data.
  • The ability to identify which problems and challenges a company faces in achieving its goals.
  • Capabilities that help it to locate potential opportunities for improvement within data.
  • Communication skills that allow it to clearly convey and convince its customers on its findings and the value in its recommendations.

Panalysis has this and much more.

Our Values

Delivering the best possible results to clients is key to our business. This is not always a simple process, as we seek complete and accurate answers.

Our values emphasise integrity – especially in the data, honesty and humility in what we do.