Our Experience

Digital marketing moves at an incredible pace, but nothing beats experience when it comes to making effective decisions on where to make improvements. At Panalysis we have been solidly focused on web analytics for over a decade and have the leading minds in the industry working on our team.

Our Understanding

We understand that a business is far more than a website and that marketing is far more than running campaigns. Our frameworks, hypotheses, tests and recommendations are designed with your whole business strategy in mind.

Our Independence

Asking your agency to be totally honest about their performance is like asking the cat to watch the canary. While most agencies don’t intend to mislead, it’s good to keep in mind that they are working towards their own business goals.

Panalysis is 100 per cent independent and our advice is unbiased. We pride ourselves in calling a spade a spade and tackling the difficult conversations when they are needed. If that means recommending that a campaign in which a client has invested a lot of time and money be discontinued, then we’ll say it. We’ve seen examples where clients have spent over $50,000 on campaigns that have brought them only two sales. It wasn’t their agency that pointed this out.

Our Discipline

Gut feel and expert opinion are good starting points but the discipline of statistics is the key to what we do. Statistical analysis allows us to identify which fluctuations in the data are due to random effects and which are the results of deliberate actions.

We use statistical thinking and statistical methods in everything we do. We live and breath maths and the scientific method.

Our Processes

Accountability and repeatability of results is a key factor in the success of any analytics initiative. At Panalysis, we apply this to our own processes as well. You can find more about our processes here.

Authorised Service Providers

The team at Panalysis are experienced technical consultants with an extensive breadth of skills and technology certifications. Some of the technologies you may have heard of, we are fully licenced and authorised to service on your behalf. These include: