Help us, help the Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation this Christmas.

Join our Wall of Hands and Donate Make a donation towards improving the literacy and numeracy skills of young Australians.

  • $55 Provides vital learning materials for a child in a remote Australian community.
  • $80 Provides a Literacy Pack filled with educational resources and school supplies.
  • $150 Trains an indigenous high-school student to mentor young children.
  • $520 Helps provide teaching assistance to a school student for six months.

Join Us Now

This year we’re supporting the Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation

We’ve created our own Wall of Hands where we can show how much the team at Panalysis, our amazing clients, partners and suppliers have donated towards the Foundation.

Over the course of 2017 we will keep you updated on how much has been raised and how many lives we are all helping to change. To hear the donation shout-out’s follow us on Twitter @PanalysisAU

Why the ALNF?

At Panalysis we support

  1. the reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians,
  2. the provision of equal opportunity in employment for all, which requires literacy and numeracy skills, and
  3. because our industry specifically needs people with strong numeracy and literacy skills.

We hope you can help too. Make a donation, or click to see how much you’ve helped us raise to date.

We may even get enough to help Santa with his formula development!

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