Why should I work with a Google Analytics Partner?

There are many reasons why you should consider working with a Google Analytics Partner and specifically with Panalysis. These include:

  1. Google Analytics is a highly complex tool. As a Google Analytics Certified Partner we have been vetted by Google that we have the necessary skills, competencies and processes to ensure that you will receive at least a minimum level of professional service and support. Google wouldn’t put its name alongside a third party company unless it was completely satisfied that it met its very high standards.
  2. Whilst anyone can easily achieve the Google Analytics Individual Qualification, this is only a small fraction of the skills that are required to effectively implement a tool such as Google Analytics in a way that a business can use to guide their decisions.
  3. A Google Analytics Certified Partner we specialise in using Web Analytics and in Google Analytics. Just because a web design company or advertising agency says that they can do Google Analytics doesn’t mean that they can make it effective for your organisation.
  4. Panalysis has been working in the area of Web Analytics for well over a decade. We have also been working with Google Analytics since the very beginning in 2006. We bring a depth of expertise and business understanding that you will not find elsewhere.
  5. Panalysis is the company that our clients turn to when they have experienced the services of other agencies. We have found that many of our clients have tried our competitors before turning to us and find that we take the time to really understand their business, the key drivers of its success and implement processes that help them to achieve it.