Why does Google Analytics show different numbers of sales to my order system?

A common issue that we see regularly is that the sales reported in Google Analytics don’t match those in your order management system. There are a number of reasons for this including:

  • Google Analytics relies on the browser to execute JavaScript to send the data to the Google servers. If this code doesn’t execute in time or has an error then the transactions won’t be sent.
  • If there is an error with the code (for instance an apostrophe in the wrong spot, say in the name of a product) then the code will not execute.
  • The user doesn’t accept the Google Analytics cookie.
  • The user has a tool that blocks Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager. E.g. Ghostery

In most cases the number of transactions recorded into Google Analytics will be less than your total orders. You can typically expect there to be up to 10% difference however if this is larger than 10% then this may indicate an error in your setup.

In some cases Google Analytics may record more transactions than stated by your order management system. This can be due to either refunds not being processed by Google Analytics or to other factors such as customers reloading the thank you page with the tracking code executing more than once.