What is a Tag Management System

A Tag Management System provides you with the ability to change how tools like Google Analytics are integrated with your website. These tools are typically added to the website by adding a “tag” which sends the necessary data to that service. These tags are snippets of JavaScript that interact with the web page to collect the data, format it and then send it to the service.

As time has progressed the number of tags that a website may have has significantly increased. It is not unusual for some sites to have 10, 20 or even more tags running. This is compounded with the need to configure each of these correctly to gather the necessary data.

A Tag Management System helps to solve this problem by creating a single area that collects the data from the web page that can be passed to each tag. Adding a new tag is then done by a web interface where it can be tested and then published to the website without needing additional code to be added to the web page. This provides the benefit of being able to rapidly deploy changes without the need for the web development team to be involved in the process.

Whilst this is of benefit getting the implementation of the Tag Management System right takes work. For instance to correctly track the e-commerce transactions will require that the code to collect the order information is implemented at the correct place on the website. In addition to this a large amount of the information that makes web analytics valuable is not available from the web page directly. Another example is to separate out customers who have registered on the website from those who have not. In this case the action that a person takes to login to the site needs to be recorded and that information sent to the Tag Management System.

Websites and mobile apps have become increasingly complex as have the information needs of marketing professionals. Implementing a Tag Management System is a good step to solving some of this problem but it isn’t a substitute for a good web measurement plan.

Panalysis recommends that all of our clients use a Tag Management System however in some cases it may not be an appropriate choice. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.