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Rod Jacka

Rod is a thought leader in web analytics and optimisation in Australia.  His authority is built on 16 years experience in the business, many speaking engagements, published articles and recognition by other international thought leaders.

During the past 16 years, Rod has made a deep impact on many businesses, government departments and educational institutions. He specialises in helping people to implement data-driven decision-making processes in their marketing, to build success.

Few people are both creative and analytical; Rod Jacka is one of these few. He is a deep lateral thinker: an artist (graduate of Sydney College of the Arts) as well as a highly analytical business-minded individual.

“Success is a process” is one of Rod's key mantras. Inspiration and gut feel are the starting point to achieving great results, but the process of continually gathering evidence, testing and refining, is what makes the difference.

Rod regularly speaks at conferences on topics such as:

  • Optimising digital marketing.
  • How to use data from tools like Google Analytics to improve business results.
  • Integrating web, social and online data with CRM and sales tools.
  • Implementing strategic search engine optimisation processes.
  • Generating leads online.
Since 2001 Rod and his team have been providing expert guidance on Internet marketing to enterprises in the education, government, retail, insurance and banking sectors.

What others say about Rod:

“Of the hundreds of analytics consultants in the world there are just a tiny small handful I would trust my business to without asking any questions. Rod is on top of that list. He is exceptionally gifted when it comes to making data sing the magical tunes that lead to huge bottom-line impacting outcomes. Panalysis is an experienced company with ethical hardworking people. I would hire Rod, and Panalysis, in a heartbeat.”

Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist, Google.

19 May 2011

“I've known Rod for 10 years and know him to be one of the cornerstones of web analytics and marketing optimization. He was such an active participant in the early conversations, that it was a couple of years before I realized he was typing with an Aussie accent - and I've since had the pleasure of dining with him, meeting with him and sharing the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit stage with him. Rod is one of the most grounded marketing analysts I know. He understands the gruesome details but has a refreshing talent for explaining the complex and sophisticated ins and outs of web optimization in terms that makes any business executive love to learn. Rod is sensible, straight forward and very gifted.”

Jim Sterne, Author, Founding Director of the Digital Analytics Association and CEO of Target Marketing

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